My Favorite Images from 2015

OK, so I'm a little late on board the "best photos" post train. I still wanted to share the images I liked the best. They may not have been the technically best, but they all have meaning for me. 

My favorite image is this, my son Max and his much-loved ferret, Nixon. In the beginning of last year, I took a course about portraiture from Don Giannetti. Nixon was not feeling well, and Max was very concerned about his health. I captured this as I thought it reflected Max's worry about his aging pet. Nixon passed on in January 2016. 

This is another shot from the portrait course. At the time, early last year, I was fortunate to have Max and his girlfriend Josi living with me. They were both very willing to be my models. 

My other son's dog, Bear, was also available for modeling practice. He was a bit wiggly, as he's only about 6 months old in this photo. 

I have also been participating in Don Giannetti's year long Project 52 commercial photography course. This was an assignment photographing chocolate. The subject disappeared very quickly. 

My main interest in photography is food images. This was taken for a contest for Cacique products, and it was a winning image for that recipe. A delicious way to win a money prize! 

I have spent some time and cash to improve my food photography skills. This was taken in-studio during Clare Barboza's 3-day Farm to Table Workshop in September. She has collected tons of different backgrounds, tables, plates, serving pieces and linens for props. It was a fun day to play with someone else's stuff. 

This is another subject from Clare's workshop, the farm portion. We visited Red Feather farm in Carnation, to visit with some hogs. These hogs are destined to be bacon, but before that, they have about an acre each to run around on, and get fed organic pellets and all sorts of fresh produce. The have a very good life! 

Wandering about Volunteer Park before a happy hour meeting with friends, I took some images of the plants. When I first started in photography, I loved taking macro photos of flowers and plants. 

More flower images! Chive flowers in early summer morning sunshine. 

In late summer, I tagged along on a hike with my sister and brother-in-law. The slope went straight up from the trailhead to the Pacific Crest Trail. This beautiful lake was at the top, and the fall colors were already coming alive. 

More from my Project 52 course. This was for an ad for planting tools in a garden store. I liked it because it came out just about how I saw it in my head. I also love gardening, and these bulbs when into my own yard when I was done shooting. 

Yet another assignment for Project 52, a triptych. It was also the holiday season, and I needed some cards, so I combined the two projects. I bought the stocking years ago for my kids, and I just get a giggle out of it every Christmas. 

I feel like this was a big year for the growth of my photography skills. This year I look forward to doing more food and still life images, as they're my favorite subjects. If you know someone who can use my skills, pass along my name! 

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