Black and White ... Food and Kittens

My latest finished assignment for Don Giannetti's Project 52 Pro was to photograph something that's black and white and make a black and white image. I'm working on food photography, so the first thing I think of for black or white food is my favorite Oreo cookie with milk (of course!).  I set the stage in my natural light studio with a shiny black surface and background black foam core. Other small cards were set around to direct the light. 

I used a pre-set within my processing software to convert this to black and white.

This image and the above left image, I processed in color until I was happy with it, and then converted to black and white. 

I didn't find the shoot too difficult, except for my furry help. My current set of foster kittens are 3 black and white tuxedo kittens. They are marked exactly alike, except for a bit of difference of white on their nose. They were curious about what I was doing, oh, and there was milk! 

I have shot a few images of the fosters in the past week; I like to record all of my foster cats and kittens. I wanted to see what some of the other pictures looked like in B&W. My own cat, Rusty, is a large orange tabby, and he loves to take care of the foster kittens. 

Spot gets a washing. 

And a nap-time cuddle. 

The three love to pile on the kitty tower in my living room window. Stripe is hanging his head down, observing birds. t

Ever curious Blank; so named because he has no nose markings. 

The kittens will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks, after they have been neutered. They are friendly, energetic, loving purr machines.  Please visit the Progressive Animal Welfare Society - PAWS (Lynnwood, WA) Available Animals page to see all of the other dogs, puppies, kittens and cats that are currently available.