Deck Planting, April 2014

My house in North Seattle has a nice deck that spans the back of the house. It's not wide, but quite long. One of my big living room windows looks at one corner, where I have some flower containers and my bird feeders.  The containers did not winter over very well, so I decided to empty them and plant some new plants. 

I love tall, blooming flowers and I also like fresh herbs. Herbs smell so good in all weather.  The taller, tube shaped plants attract the hummingbirds during the summer, and I also have a seed feeder and a suet feeder. 

Herb boxes before cleaning up. There was a lot of moss on the potting soil, so I removed the plants that were rescuable, a sage plant and some chives, and dumped the dirt. 

Tools for gardening, and rescued plants.

Sage, tarragon and trailing rosemary. The round pot has chocolate mint plants and regular mint plants. Yes, the chocolate mint leaves smell like chocolate and mint. I might use them in a mojito-type cocktail. 

Finished flower and herb pots. Hummingbirds have visited the feeder above them, and then dipped down to sample the flowers. 

Sun and green! 

Happy Spring, and Happy house projects!